Behind on Mortgage Payments? Sell the House Fast for Cash

Selling your house when late with mortgage payments in Wichita – avoiding home foreclosure

If you’re behind on your mortgage payments and don’t see your situation improving, you may be thinking about how you can sell your house fast to avoid problems associated with late mortgage payments. Once you assess how far behind your mortgage is before foreclosure, you could be thinking; “Can I sell my house fast?” The short answer is, yes! you can sell your house if you’re late on mortgage payments. 

Falling behind on paying your mortgage can throw you into a debt trap, forcing you to run a catch-up game to pay up the past-due balance. The process is often overwhelming, and if you don’t move quickly you may end up losing your house to foreclosure.

How far behind on mortgage before foreclosure

In many cases, the foreclosure process begins immediately after you fall behind on your mortgage payments. You miss just one payment, and you may soon receive a foreclosure notice in the mail. It must also be noted that once you’re more than 120 days late, your lender can reclaim your home and sell it to recoup their money. In this case, your lender can legally force you to vacate the premise.

More painfully, a foreclosure will go on your credit report. Based on the trend, foreclosure can drop your credit score by as much as 300 points, or possibly more. The consequences can be dire with the possibility of preventing you from being able to qualify for another mortgage for many years, limiting your ability to obtain a credit card, auto loan, etc. Therefore, you must move quickly to avoid going through a foreclosure experience if you’re late with your mortgage payment. 

Sell my house fast

There are options for you if you are behind on your mortgage before foreclosure, such as listing your house on the market, negotiating with your lender to restructure your payments, or just letting your house go to foreclosure.  But these options have a lot of limitations or are simply more costly. You have probably exhausted some such as payments restructuring. Time is also of the essence, and listing your house on the market may not work out for you as your lender may not give you much time as you wait for potential buyers. 

The better option would be to sell your house for cash to a local real estate investor. Kansas Home Guys are a home-buying company in Wichita Kansas. We buy homes for cash for many different reasons, including houses for homeowners running late on mortgage payments. We assess your property, make a cash offer, and pay you in cash in a matter of days. No need to repair or renovate your property, we buy it ‘as-is’. 

How to Sell Your House Fast if You’re Behind on Mortgage Payment

Here is a simple step to selling your house fast with us when you’re late with your mortgage payment and running the risk of foreclosure: 

Call and brief us today about your property. Our team will arrange a quick view of your house.

After the assessment, we will give you a fair, no-obligation cash offer for your house as-is. No delays, no hustles.

If you accept our offer, we then proceed and facilitate the closing in days. No fees. No commissions. We pay all closing costs and put cash in your hands in a matter of days.

Ready to sell your house running late on mortgage payment KS? Kansas Home Guys are here to buy the house as-is for cash, fast!


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Gary F
Gary F
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In the process of a nasty divorce and there was no way I was going to be able to sell the house, as it was. With no extra money or time to fix it up, I was looking at the only option I could see, which was foreclosure. I Called Kansas Home Guys after seeing an add and Don came out. He offered to purchase the house for what I owed on it. Everyone was great to work with and they made the whole process painless. I can't say enough to show how much I appreciated all their efforts and help.

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