Are You Behind on Property Taxes in Wichita, KS?

If you fail to keep current on your property tax, all states have laws allowing the local government to sell your property through a tax lien process to collect the delinquent taxes.

Behind On Property Taxes – What to Do When Faced with a Tax Lien on Your Home

Do you own a house with tax liens? Is the IRS tax burden risking your property? 

If you have difficulty paying taxes on time, Wichita, KS tax authority does not have to go to court to sell your property. The tax authority will begin the process of selling your property as soon as they file a list of delinquent taxes. As a homeowner, you are only entitled to get some form of notice of the pending tax sale. 

What Information Does Wichita KS Tax Authority Needs to Begin the Process?

The tax authority only needs to get your information as a taxpayer, the property and its location, and the amount due, with the recorder’s office. A copy of this information is published in the newspaper.

What Can Lead to Delayed Tax Payment? 

The most common factors that may lead you to fall behind in your tax payments are:

  • You lost your job
  • Your business collapsed
  • You faced financial difficulties due to one reason or the other
  • You relocated to a different city
  • Got the wrong value of your property due to a wrong assessment

You Could Also Be a Victim of a Sudden Increase in Taxes 

This is another common cause of delayed tax payments by many homeowners. An unpaid property tax within 2-4 years will lead to foreclosure of your home from the IRS. If you fall within this bracket, county officials will send a notice that you’re delinquent on taxes. The next thing is to put your house on auction. In such a case, the most viable move you’re left with is to contact them to see if you can be granted some time to stop the tax foreclosure. 

Behind on property tax, can I sell my house with a tax lien?

Well, selling a house with tax liens is easier said than done. IRS only allows you to sell a house with tax liens if all the taxes have been paid and you need to pay the taxes on the closing or from the equity of your home. 

How to sell your house with a tax lien- How Can Kansas Home Guys Help You In this Situation? 

So, can you save your home with tax liens?

Yes, if you can’t settle the taxes in time, we can help you sell it with tax liens fast within days. Our experts will ensure you get the best price from your property. 

We at Kansas Home Guys can help you sell your house with tax liens. Our property experts will take the following steps to save your property from tax liens sale:

Submit your information to us (basic info about the property) for review

Our team will review the information and give you a quick and fair offer to purchase for cash

We will work fast to close the sale and get you paid in days

Kansas Home Guys can help you out when faced with a tax lien. Get a fair cash offer from us, and get paid quickly.


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Rachael G
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We've never had to use a service like this before but due to job losses and being in the middle of construction we were unable to sell our house the traditional way. We just can't possibly say enough good things about working with Don and his partners at KHG. Everything was fast, professional, simple and extremely clear from the moment we spoke the first time. We are super grateful to have been able to work with them and would recommend them to anyone who needed help. Thank you so much Kansas Home Guys and thank you Don!!!

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Are you behind on property taxes and ready to sell your house?

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